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Free bets and special offers from the top rated bookies in the UK

Online bookmakers have a lot of methods to attract new players and make their products more interesting but perhaps the most powerful tool in that direction is the bonuses they offer. Either if we’re talking about deposit bonuses, free bets or other special offers, every big sportsbook knows that they need to come up with a competitive bonus system in order to maintain their position in the industry. So, in an industry where opinions are split between players that like to claim and play with bonuses and players that would rather just use their own funds for playing. The ones that won’t take a bonus are usually being cautious about wagering requirements or other rules that come along the bonuses. Further on this page, you will be able to find all the needed info regarding special offers and free bets that can be found at top bookmakers worldwide. So keep reading and get informed so you can take the best choice when it comes to sportsbook bonuses.

Best Free Bets Offers from The Top Rated Bookies

What are Free Bets?

Just as we stated above, free bets are very popular tools that sportsbooks use to get new customers and make their business more attractive. No matter if we’re talking about free bets as a welcome bonus or further in the player journey as a loyalty bonus or compensation for loses, their goal remains the same. Most free bets can only be used by new players but that doesn’t mean you can’t receive one even though you already made your first deposit or your created the account a long time ago. Just as you may have guessed, welcome bonuses and free bets come in a lot of forms but the system is the same, they offer something free for the player to enjoy and these are the main types that you can find the bookmakers offers:

  • No Deposit Free Bets
  • Matched Deposit Free Bets
  • First Bet Free Bets
  • Treble Odds Free Bet Bonuses

In the following rows, we are going to take each individual category and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each type of free bets so that you get a full image of what’s the best you should claim when joining a new bookmaker. More than that, we will try to also get you in the loop regarding different requirements or things that bookmakers are not that eager to let promote.

Betting Free Bets and Special Offers Betting Free Bets and Special Offers

No Deposit Free Bets

A no deposit free bet is the equivalent of a free bonus or free money in an online casino. Basically, the player that receives a no deposit free bet will enjoy a certain amount of money that he or she can use to place bets and maximize their winning chances. These free bets are usually given away by sportsbooks for new accounts opened by players in order to bring them in. Even if they do not go on and make the first deposit after enjoying the free bonus, it’s still a success for the bookmaker as they now have the details of that specific player and the chances for pursuing him or her to deposit with a later promotion are a lot higher than if the account wasn’t created at all. There’s no wonder that these no deposit free bets are extremely popular since it gives you the chance to place a bet and make some cash without risking any of your own money. Since it’s basically a giveaway of free money, these free bonuses are usually quite low, depending on the bookie you play at. The usual amounts given as free bets by bookmakers revolve around the amount of £10 but even so, that’s more than enough to make a good profit. If you play an accumulator, for example, you can turn that 10 pounds into a 100 or even more.

Even though everything may sound awesome at a first glance, you need to pay some attention when claiming such a free bonus from a sportsbook or a casino because they usually come with some requirements or extra binds that are not always publicly posted by sportsbook because it wouldn’t sound so attractive afterwards. Some of the things you should be on a lookout for when claiming such a no deposit free bet are wagering requirements, maximum cash-out amounts and conditions in which you can use the bonus.

Wagering Requirements

Unfortunately, you can’t really tell about no deposit free bet without also thinking about wagering requirements. IF you’re totally new to the term, these wagering requirements represent the amount you need to wager or play through before being able to withdraw the funds won from a free bet. Since sportsbooks don’t really want to give you the ability of leaving with thousands of pounds out of the free bonuses issued by them, so a double lose, these wagering requirements help limit the number of winners that will actually get in the position of selecting a withdrawal out when playing with the no deposit free bets.

Maximum Cash-Out

Even if you’re lucky enough to finish the wagering requirements and still have a nice balance that you are now able to withdraw, there’s still something that might still prevent you. All no deposit free bets issued by bookmakers come with such a maximum cash-out amount for the same reason wagering requirements are applied. It basically limits your winnings to a fixed amount specified in the terms and conditions. So, for example, if you win £1000 out of a free bet and you manage to finish the wagering requirements, there are some bookmakers that will only allow you to select a withdrawal of £100 or even less. You see, nobody likes to actually give away money for free so that’s something that helps sportsbook cut down on loses.

Betting Special Offers Betting Special Offers

Other Limitations

The no deposit free bets can also come with a totally different kind of limitations, besides the wagering requirements and maximum cash-out. It’s not that uncommon to find free bonuses that can only be enjoyed on certain bets and games. So, for example, if a bookmaker gives you a £10 free bet, there are chances that you will only be able to use it on Premier League bets or who knows what other competitions. Another type of requirement is tied to the minimum odds of the bet you can place with a free bet. There are a lot of bookmakers that will only allow you to place bets with odds of 1.4 or more. And the examples can go on so that’s why we advise that you take some time reading the exact terms and conditions before claiming any no deposit free bets.

Matched Deposit Free Bets

Opposed to the No Deposit Free Bet, the Matched Deposit Free Bets are a form of compensation for every player that makes a deposit, no matter the moment when the deposit is made. So, for example, a new player in the casino enjoy a no deposit free bet and then decides to make the first deposit. As a bonus for that first deposit, the player can receive a matched deposit free bet. Similar to a standard deposit bonus, the matched deposit free bet is represented by a certain percentage of the deposited amount. Most of the bookmakers offer a 100% matched deposit free bet for new players and that’s a good chance for them to boost winning chances and place more bets.

When it comes to the requirements or limitations that these deposit free bets own, there are some differences. First of all, being a deposit free bet, the maximum cash-out amount gets removed since the bookmaker has no reason to limit the amount you can win out of the bonus they gave you for something you paid for. On the other hand, wagering requirements may still apply in different forms. For example, there are a lot of sportsbooks that will only apply wagering requirements on the bonus amount, opposed to bonus plus deposited amount as some do. Another good example is a bookmaker that will only apply wagering requirements of low values like 10 times the bonus amount or even lower. In rare cases, you can find bookies that don’t apply wagering requirements or maximum cash-out limits but those situations are quite rare. Another thing that might stay the same regarding deposit free bets when compared to no deposit free bets is the requirement of placing bets with a minimum stake when you’re betting with the bonus balance. Once again, this rule might be different from one bookie to another so reading their terms and conditions or contacting support before going for such a bonus is still a good idea.

First Deposit Free Bets

A type of free bonus that is much similar to the matched deposit free bets, the first bet free bets are only different by the fact that they are only awarded when you make your first deposit. And the reason they’re not included in the category of matched bonuses is that they’re usually part of the welcome package of the bookie and they are also joined by some other perks like boosted odds or they might have different wagering requirements. We already covered the wagering requirements earlier so you already know all about that.

The thing with first bet free bets is that they might be at a wagering requirement of 50 times or even higher while the matched deposit free bets are usually at 35 times or something similar. Apart from this, there aren’t any other differences between a first deposit free bet and the other deposit free bets that are offered by bookies. Perhaps the only tiny difference between them is the amount of advertising the bookie puts behind the two types of free bets. The first deposit free bet usually gets more attention since it is also used as a tool to attract new players into the casino so it’s more popular in that respect.

Treble Odds Free Bets

Yet another type of free bets that players might find among the bonus offers of the bookmaker they use to place their bets, the treble odds free bet is something they might receive if they place high-stake bets on sporting events that have high odds. For example, if you place an accumulator bet that has a combined stake of 7 or higher, you can become eligible for treble odds free bet. It’s very similar to the matched deposit free bet apart from the terms of eligibility.

There are wagering requirements attached to these bonuses as well and no maximum cash-out as well. There’s no reason to talk about minimum odds that you need to place with the bonus you receive since that’s the requirement of getting the bonus in the first place. Some sportsbook players would rather use their own funds even in the event of placing high-odds accumulator bets simply because they want to avoid the wagering requirements, however, a bonus like this can guarantee a much higher stake than what you can do with your cash balance. And the wagering requirements can be met without too much of a hassle as well, you can place safe bets and get over with it in no time. In the end, the choice to use bonuses or not is entirely yours and you have this webpage to assist you with anything you might need.

Special Offers from Bookmakers

Besides the different types of free bets discussed above, bookmakers usually have other special offers prepared to players in order to help them get a nice win and keep them playing for a longer period of time. Either if we’re talking about bonuses designed to reduce the risk a player takes or something that boosts their winning chances, the special offers have the common goal of being a useful tool for players. The most common type of special offers are as follows:

  • Bet Insurance
  • Accumulator Bonuses
  • Boosted Odds

If the special offers listed above sound like a foreign language for you, there’s no reason to worry because just like we did with the free bets, we will take each other and get into details so that you will understand every type of special offer and the way they work.

Bet Insurance

This is a very interesting feature that some bookmakers offers to their customers so that they reduce the risk taken when placing a bet. And just like any other insurance policy works, the bet insurance is basically covering the risk you take in exchange for an amount of money. This amount is automatically calculated by the bookmaker depending on the stake, odds and potential return of the bet so there’s no bargaining in that respect.

So, after you place the bet you feel will bring a nice win, you have the option to insure it as well. Like mentioned earlier, the amount is automatically established by the bookmaker and if you choose to pay that certain amount there are two possible outcomes. First situations, your bet is a winning bet and you receive the potential outcome paid in full to your account, minus the insurance amount. The other possible outcome in which your prediction turns out to be wrong and the bet is a losing one. In this situation, with the insurance feature activated, you will be able to receive your stake back, without the amount you paid for insurance, of course. So, even if you lose some money, you won’t lose the entire stake amount and the insurance you pay will always be only a small percentage out of the total stake so it totally makes sense to add insurance to your bets.

Accumulator Bonuses

This kind of special offer delivered by sportsbooks for their players is pretty much similar to the free bet offered for accumulators. The only difference is that it’s not necessarily a free bet that you receive, but rather a bonus that doesn’t have any kind of limitations when it comes to the minimum odd that you need to check when placing bets.

Most of the bookmakers are awarding such bonuses for accumulator bets with 5 options or more and the more sporting events you include in the accumulator, the bigger the bonuses will be in the end. Most of the bookies limit the accumulator bonuses to 100%, but if you have the patience to search our website for the best offers, you will find bookies that go over this limit for accumulator bets with a lot of options included.

Boosted Odds

This is a special kind of special offer that bookies can use to increase the chances of their players. It can be used as a bonus for new players but for existing ones as well and its mechanics are quite simple. Instead of the normal odd of 1.7, for example, you get offered a boosted odd of 5 or even higher on a certain sporting event. This happens with only a selected number of sporting events and the boosted odds will only be awarded to selected players. Most usually, the boosted odds free bonus is advertised individually through email or personalized messages sent to each account in part. There are some requirements when it comes to winning from boosted odds as well so that’s why we always recommend contacting customer support before placing a bet using this special offer so that you are fully aware of all the Terms and Conditions attached.

This is pretty much everything you need to know regarding free bets and special offers. The bottom line about these bonuses and promotions is that they act as helping tools but you need to be fully aware of the different requirements they come with as they can really affect the way you usually play. No matter if you’re an experienced gambler or just beginning your journey with bets and bookies, you should take some time and analyze the type of bonuses available before making a deposit to claim one. And we advise you do this with no regard to the reputation of the bookmaker you play at since no matter how fair-play and straight-forward a bookie may be, the rules for the bonuses can be quite restrictive and you don’t want that to affect your betting experience.

Since we covered the free bets and special offers you might find among the offers that your bookmaker offers and you have the basics of how each offer works, it’s time to move on and take some real examples of such bonuses and the way they effect your gameplay. So, if until now we went through the mechanics of each bonus, now we will see how exactly these bonuses should be claimed and used during your gameplay in a bookmaker. So, keep reading as we really want to make sure you’re 100% ready to start playing using the awesome bonuses available to you.

How to Claim Free Bets

Alright, so until now we’ve been through what free bets are, what are the advantages and disadvantages of claiming them and playing with free bets, we’ve categorized all the main types and compared them between each other to try and determine the best ones. All that info is very helpful especially for a new player that can easily get lost in all the terms and specifications that surround free bets and special offers. But since we’d like to go all the way for our readers in our quest of helping them to find and use the best free bets available online, we’ve decided to take a real example and go step-by-step in describing how such a bonus can be easily detected and claimed.

So, keep on reading for a real case example of what steps you should follow in order to claim and use a free bet. For our example we will be describing the action of claiming the 50 pounds free bet that Ladbrokes offer for their new players.

Betting Free Bets Betting Free Bets

Step 1 – Finding the Best Free Bet

Before jumping on how the to claim the free bet, we have to first of all cover the steps needed to be taken in order to identify free bet. And this part is very simple since you have all the best offers listed right here on the website. Simply go through the table above and choose the bet you want to claim. To make things even easier for you, we included a Claim Bonus button that will take you right to the registration page on the bookmaker you chose.

Step 2 – Creating an Account

Right after you identified the bonus you wish to claim, the 50 pounds matched free bet that Ladbrokes offers for their new players in our case, it’s time to register an account with the bookmaker. Just press the Claim Bonus button and you will be taken to the registration page of the sportsbook. You will be first asked about some personal details like your first and last name, date of birth and email address. You should know that it is mandatory to be over 18 years old in order to register an account. After filling all this info in, the Continue button on the registration page will turn green and you can click it to go to the next phase. Here you will be asked to give some more details about your contact info. You will be asked for a complete address with postcode and everything, a valid phone number and then you can hit Continue again.

The third and final step of the registration process consists in choosing a username. You have to make sure it’s something you will remember easily and it’s not already used by another player. They have an automatic check to let you know if your username is available. Then you need to choose a password for your new account, followed by a security question to help you recover the login information if needed. Before you end the registration process you have the option to set up a deposit limit if you want to and, the most important part of all the registration process regarding the free bet, insert a Promo Code.

Step 3 – Using the Correct Promo Code

In order to be able to receive the 50£ free bet, you will have to use the F50 promo code and enter it in the registration field when prompted. This will automatically insert some very valuable info in your account about the eligibility for the 50£ free bet.

Step 4 – Making your first deposit

Once the registration process is complete and you now have a valid account with Ladbrokes, you can now go on and choose a deposit method to make your first deposit. Simply choose one of their several deposit methods and make a deposit of minimum 5£ in order to be eligible for the free bet.

Step 5 – Placing the Bet

With your money in the balance, it’s time to choose the right bet for you and place a bet of 5£ or more on any sport you wish with an odd of at least 1.5 and you will be automatically credited the bonus of 50£ upon placement.

So, there you go, 5 simple steps in order to claim an awesome free bet that, in this case, is 10 times greater than the deposit you need to make in order to unlock it. With all that extra balance, you have the chance of placing a lot of bets in order to boost your winnings and have a great time while betting on your favourite teams. Feeling confident that all the information on this webpage will help you have a better betting experience, we wish you good luck and only winning bets!